Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

What can Northwest Veterinary and Supply do to better assist our clients in promoting and marketing their valuable animals?

Skilled veterinarians and veterinary assistants

Most new clients are impressed with the speed of testing and minimal discomfort we cause your animals. Semen evaluating is an "Art rather than a Science". What this means is collection is more than just inserting a probe and turning up the electrical current. It is a thoughtful interaction between the bull and the team collecting. Many bulls fail their preliminary tests as a result of poor technique. We try to minimize these losses. We believe fertility exams are our business and conduct 3000 plus yearly.

Bull Semen Records

All data collected by NWV throughout your animals life is assembled on an Excel spreadsheet and sent to you. Not only can we better locate ID numbers, pregnancy stats, etc. for health papers, but you can utilize the data for your own performance records as well as solutions to future problems.

Equipment is very important

We carry backup equipment to every job. Nothing is worse than being half done and broke down. Our chutes are hydraulic and have mounted scales if needed. We realize most of you have excellent facilities, but for large groups of bulls we may send two teams to collect and use two chutes in tandem. If you can keep the bulls behind the chute one team expects to test 20 bulls/hour or about 150 per day.

Testing for transmittable disease

We routinely draw blood samples from each bull.

Tests can be run for BVD, Leukosis, Johnes, Brucellosis, and other serologic and DNA tests The blood draw is simple and does not alter the appearance of the animal like taking a notch. These tests demonstrate the animal tested negative on the day of testing, but in some instances may not indicate lifelong negativity.

​Certified ultrasound technician

Our practice will be certified to semen evaluate and ultrasound in one pass through the chute. This will help minimize stress and injuries because every pass through the chute puts your animal at risk. We are also utilizing the Brethour system.


We care about your operation and if you don't make money, we can't make money. As clients we promote your stock to other clients. If you like, the Cattle Team can attend your sale to represent the future of the cattle industry. We have honed our offerings into complete packages which can be tailored to each individual operation. Let us bid your complete presale package, and we believe we can save you both time and money with preparing your livestock for market.