Bull Spa

I couldn't believe it when I heard it...but Now I get it. Doc Barz has opened up a Spa? He figures that we all need to go to a spa to rejuvenate ourselves and make us all feel better. That is...if we were all "Bulls."

Come one Come all to the Bull Spa - treat your bull to everything he's ever dreamed of.

One stop with The Cattle Team and he will be set.

If your bull needs his toenails clipped, we'll tip him over and do that. If we need to check - for function in breeding - we can make that happen. We can - vaccinate him for problems that he may run into out in the pasture. The only thing he will have to worry about is making sure he gets those females in his pasture pregnant.

We can make your bull as healthy as he can be and as happy as can be.

Northwest Veterinary And Supply...in Parkston, Wagner, Menno and the Vet Shacks in Mitchell and Yankton. Healthier Profits (MOOO!!) Till the cows come home.