South Dakota – the Land of Infinite Variety

Wow! Some of us have had a whole summers rainfall in the last week, while others are hoping for more rain and end to the drought.

Everything that is not under water is doing well.

Most of you are out to pasture enjoying the grass. Many of the fences are washed out and require timely repair. This running water has caused some erosion and may have inadvertently caused our first ANTHRAX case of the year. The Anthrax spore will live basically forever. When we had bad outbreaks in the thirties the conditions were very dry. Regulation requires that these carcasses be buried. When those old burial sites become exposed, the Spores are injected by livestock and cause the disease.

Usually animals are not seen sick. They are merely found dead. All body fluids contain the spores, so the animal should not be opened and posted as it will contaminate the area with the orgasm.

Diagnosis may be performed with a test on body fluid or growth of the organism at SDSU. The herd will be quarantined and are generally vaccinated with Anthrax vaccine and antibiotics. Remember once the pasture is contaminated the spores will always be a risk.

Prevention is done before turnout by administration of the vaccine. In our area most producers vaccinate especially if there is history of Anthrax in the pasture. Most producers vaccinate cows and bulls, but in areas of severe exposure, the calves may be vaccinated also.

Some producers are seeing a little Pinkeye. Hopefully you have used our autogenous products and have done your best to prevent pasture problems. If the problems increase and you run herd through a for treatment:

  • Treat the affected eyes
  • Control flies
  • Booster Pinkeye vaccines 

We all want “Healthier Profits till the Cows Come Home” and have a HAPPY 4th of July