It appears that spring has finally arrived, and none too soon for the cow calf producers. The cold wet muddy conditions made it difficult to feed and care for our cows and their newborn calves, but it was also a tough environment for our herd bulls. To relieve the stress on the patriarchs of our herds, the CATTLE TEAM has organized a BULL SPA to prepare your bull for the important task he will have in the next few months, fertilizing our cows. We all have our farming machinery fine tuned and ready for field work to begin. Why not our bull battery? Hopefully we can relieve the stress these big boys have endured trying to keep healthy and fit this winter while improving there self esteem and libido.

The spa includes several procedures:
Pedicure. Every spa treatment pays close attention to the nails(claws). We can flip him on his side if needed and return those feet to proper shape by removing excess growth. This will assure he won't become lame during the breeding season. We may also address corns and other abnormalities of the feet and legs

Physical. Careful examination will evaluate chronic problems(lumps, eyes, joints, etc.) and provide treatment for them. Now that I have reached Medicare, I am constantly reminded that I need to get a yearly physical.

Vaccinations. This is the time to vaccinate your bull for infectious conditions they may encounter in the breeding pasture. Body temperature increases in bulls affects their fertility and we must prevented. It is best to administer these vaccinations six weeks before turnout to avoid hindering sperm production.
Viruses. IBR, BVD, BRSV. Live or killed, your choice.
Vibrio and Leptospirosis
Anthrax, A common problem in our area
Foot Rot. Avoiding lameness during season

Antiparacidicides and fly control
These are applied to eliminate chronic irritation for your herd.
The dewormer of your choice, oral, injectable, or pour on.
Herbal scented fly repellants
Many producers also place fly tags at this time

Masculinity Exam
Scrotal circumference
Rectal palpation
Electro ejaculation
Examine penis
Collect semen
Motility exam
Check and count abnormalities

If problems are detected they can be treated at this time and the the bull can be rechecked several weeks.
Multimin. An injectable mineral supplement which increase sperm production
Antibiotics. Treatment for chronic infections.

After just one spa treatment these bulls come out of their winter depression and become more sexually active. This is like priming a pump, but it also changes his mindset to springtime and the summer pasture frolics. Get your bulls prepared for a summer in the pasture with the girls and avoid problems. They are generally only allowed to work for sixty days and then isolated for the rest of the year. Don't allow to miss a day of the breeding season!