The Cattle Team is Growing and Expanding

So Doc Barz is hiring additional Full-time employees to serve South Dakota Even better. When you work on a team like The Northwest Veterinary and Supply “Cattle Team”- you’re a part of something pretty darn special. Positions are opening now for an outside Salesperson based out of Parkston, and a Manager with sales experience for the Vet Shack in Yankton. As a new member of the Cattle Team, these positions come with a Salary and a commission program, plus “Paid” health insurance. Yep, “PAID” health insurance. Now you just can’t Beat that…or can you? You’ll also be given your own cell phone and ipad, and the outside Salesperson will be provided a company vehicle. You’ll need to work independently or with the Cattle Team directly. Ag sales backgrounds are preferred, but not a deal-breaker.
To learn more about the Cattle Team, go to - then call the Parkston or Menno clinic for an interview.
Northwest Veterinary And Supply in Parkston, Wagner, Menno, The Vet Shack in Mitchell and Yankton.
“The Cattle Team is hiring (Moo!) Till the cows come home…”