453 East US Hwy 18 Menno, SD 57045

(605) 387-2055 / menno.nwv@gmail.com

Our Menno Location has officially completed its fourth full year in operation. We were very excited to pay off our mortgage over the summer and we currently are working on plans to upgrade some of our equipment. The knowledge of our Menno staff continues to expand and their willingness to help never fades.

With prompt and friendly service as well as product delivery, we look forward to continuing to serve Menno and the surrounding communities.

Rachel Guthmiller: Manager

Rachel Guthmiller: Manager

Rachel Guthmiller, Location Manager, has been with NWV since the Menno Location’s beginning. She has enjoyed seeing the Menno Clinic grow and succeed over the last four years.

Abby Herrboldt: Front Desk

Abby Herrboldt fills many roles at the Menno Location. From running the front desk, to helping with small animals, to assisting at Menno Livestock, Abby has become a valuable assist and is helping our location continue to grow.

Craig Winckler: Sales and Veterinary Assistant

Craig Winckler brings over 35 years of animal health experience and knowledge. Enjoys delivering solutions and high quality product out to our customers. Craig thrives on building relationships with our clients and goes the extra mile to bring excellent customer service.