732 E Hwy 46 Wagner, SD 57380

(605) 384-5561 (for client use)/ jkreeger@nwvsupply.com

The Cattle Team arrived in Wagner with the purchase of an existing veterinary practice. A new clinic was added in 2000 allowing client's access to haul in facilities and complete small animal care. The staff is composed of two management and clerical people and two registered veterinary assistants. A licensed veterinarian is present daily during office hours and for afterhour's emergencies.

Our Wagner clients are more rural then other sites. They are geared to the ranch lifestyles rather than the hectic sceneries of crop farming. We offer general large animal care as well as consultation, records, weights, veterinary feed directives, and prescription drugs at competitive prices. We are a one stop shop for all of your animal health needs. Companion animal needs are also unlimited. We offer radiographs, blood analysis, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, and boarding.