Genetic Potential Purchases

Wow, we are in the middle of a time we call Bull Sales. There are many ways to improve the genetic potential of your herd, but the most cost effective way is through the purchase of a good bull. The Cattle Team routinely evaluates over 3000 yearling bulls annually for breeding soundness and many are ultra-sounded for carcass traits. We have the team to make this happen in one pass through the chute. Efficiency and accuracy are our primary goal with animal and personal well-being a close second.

As an added feature we have the links for ranches, where we have evaluated breeding stock, on our web page. If you need bulls or heifers, or need sale information, click on their ranch name and you will move to their web pages and glean the information, for your decisions.

The purchase of quality bulls will improve the genetic potential in your herd and pay you dividends for many years. Use the information we have gathered from local producers of many breeds to secure the future of your herd.

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