Wow!  What a difference a few weeks and five inches of rain makes.  It may be a little late for this year’s crops, but at least it gives us hope for next year.  If we are blessed with a mild winter and able to assemble enough feed for winter, we should have a start on grass next year.  Is the draught over?  We never know, but at least we have hope for the next several months.  Maintain that positive ranchers attitude, and we will survive. 

Dakota Fest was great.  It rained every day, but the crowds were still good.  It was an uplifting sight watching farmers and ranchers walking the roadways in rain ponchos with a smile from ear to ear.  Crowds were good, although probably a little smaller than last year. 

We still shined over 2,000 apples and served over 500 BEEF sandwiches at “Dinner with Doc.” 
Normally we can add a zero to the apple count and come with the number of visitors to the show.  Our count would indicate about 22,000.  We will see how that stacks up to official show tallys. 
During the showers on the first day at the show we predicted an end to the draught on a radio spot.  JD laughed, but as the last week has proved, I think we were RIGHT! 

 Keep on producing and promoting BEEF!  We control our own destiny and our positive attitude, strong work ethic and great product will assure us success in the future! 
  “Till the cows come home” 
   Doc Barz